At the heart of Word For All Nation's outreach efforts, the Family Life Ministry plays a pivotal role in nurturing families.

Its mission revolves around three interconnected pillars: empowering families to create strong Christian households, equipping parents to instill godly values in their children, and guiding individuals to approach relationships through the lens of biblical principles before entering marriage.
The Goal
The Family Life Ministry is deeply committed to helping you create a home that stands as a strong and enduring powerhouse. This vision encompasses not only the harmonious and resilient relationship between couples but also extends its influence as a source of solace and tranquility for those who may feel lost in the complexities of life.

Moreover, your home becomes a beacon—a guiding light—for those who are earnestly seeking answers, direction, and a sense of purpose.
Our Core Values
Building a strong Christian home means couples nurture their relationship while weaving faith into all aspects of family life. This foundation rests on love, respect, communication, and shared spiritual values.
The objective of a powerhouse Christian home is to not only create a strong and enduring partnership between couples but also to equip them with the tools, values, and understanding needed to raise children in alignment with God's principles.
The Family Life Ministry